Ahoy ! Welcome to my small space on the web.

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In PyCon Italy

  • Currently a senior undergraduate studying Computer Science.
  • This Summer (2017), I’m a summer student with Precog Research Lab working under PK.
  • Last Summer (2016), I worked at SquadRun Inc (Oh, and they’re hiring - you can contact me.)
  • I am part of the Stanford Crowd Research Collective, a group of almost 1000 collaborators from around the world, led by Stanford professor Michael Bernstein. We conduct research as a crowd, and are developing Daemo, a new crowdsourcing platform that aims to mitigate many of the shortcomings of crowdsourcing today.


Contact me on Codementor

  • Open for contract / part-time roles
  • Contact if you need workshops or training with Python


  • Fun Fact: I do polyphasic sleep most of the time.
  • Music: I sing and record songs (something soon on the web)
  • Books: I mostly read books on Design, Psychology, Business & Startups.


Ways to contact me:

  • Telegram: @manojpandey
  • Email: manojpandey1996 [at] gmail [dot] com (I reply with higher priority on emails)
  • Twitter: @onlyrealmvp
  • Github: @manojpandey


Available on request.